Facts about Pest

Facts about Pest and the world environment factors that effect planet Earth.

8003521779_669be7db14_kPests that invade your home can cause serious damage. Invasions such as ants, bee’s and other types of bugs can also be health risks and this fact is the reason to think about traps, for example, a bee trap. Pest invasion is nondiscriminatory when it comes to who, where and how they invade your home or business. The most sanitary homes are often infested with pests. A long time ago people were under the impression that pest only invaded places that were unclean. That old belief has long been disproved. Science and professionals have proven that almost nowhere is immune from an attack of pests.

Pest of almost every size are responsible for disease and loss of revenue in the millions. The United States looses billions of dollars from the epidemic of pest invasion. In the mid west of the United States grain is consumed by rodents at the rate of 1/10th the total grain production. If you examine these figures that is millions of pounds in grain that is consumed by rodents. The revenue loss is in the billions.

The environmental impact to the point of toxic in some areas. Environmentally friendly pesticides are the only solution to this problem. Science recently has really concentrated their efforts to produce poisons that are deadly to the pest but friendly to the Earth. The use of these pest control methods is becoming the standard of gold. The Environmental Control Agency (EPA) has almost made the use of chemicals that are unfriendly to the environment banned.